Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bon American Thanksgiving!

Although I am Canadian, I can't deny my happiness for getting a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year! Courtesy of an early harvest, we Canadians give thanks in October.

The double celebrations are especially appreciated since last fall I was living abroad in France. Being away meant no mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, sweet potato deliciousness and of course scrumptious stuffed turkey in one sitting anyway.

This American Thanksgiving however, I am helping out in the kitchen and added a bit French flair... Quatres tartes (four quiches): rocheforte-courgette; rocheforte-brocoli; tomate-chevre; and lardon-onion. They indeed sound particularly riche, and that is because they are and therefore best served with a simple salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Yet as I tend to do...
I digress... What can I say? I heart food as much I heart giving thanks 0; ) And on this 27th of November 2008, regardless of where you are, I wish that you have many thanks to give!

Speaking of thanks, Ecojot had a reason to be thankful and joyful... Ecojot was recently featured in Design Ecology by Jutta Nachtwey / Judith Mair, a 272 page book "all about sustainable design + material in the modern age." Full details at designerjots.

So Design Ecology got me thinking, what little thing do I already do to make a eco-savvy difference? Well as my name suggests... I love to jot, probably because it helps me remember ;) And with the winter holidays wave about to sweep us all in to cheerful chaos... I attempt to keep things straight with lists... grocery lists, recipe lists, shopping lists... Okay, I won't lie, I do this all year round...

However instead of grabbing post-it or a loose piece of paper as I've done in the past... It's all about my 3x4" Ecojotters (as I've discovered NiceGift calls them)... Colourfully expressive on the outside, chaotically filled with my thoughts in the inside... Which I suppose I somehow am able to string in to clarity since they stay bound together spirally ;)

Happy Gobble Gobble!


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