Monday, November 24, 2008

Marvelous Monday Moments

From an encouraging morning phone interview, followed by a delightfully delicious lunch at Hannah's in Torrington with a new friend, to discovering a charming covered bridge in West Cornwall, and ending with a captivating chat over hot cocoa... What marvelous Monday moments indeed!

Here's hoping you too had as lovely a start to the week!

Speaking of lovely... Do you have a sweet spot for a particular genre of books? I certainly do... Children's books to be exact. In fact, I couldn't resist purchasing a signed copy by illustrator Marc Simont, and writer Janice May Udry of "A Nice Tree." Purchased at "The Wish House" a gifts • clothing • homeaccents • gallery in West Cornwall, the book is an adorable reminder of the niceness of trees.

What are some of your favourite books 'n stories... young 'n old?

1 comment:

P said...

Hmmm, despite being a thoroughly silly person, I'm all about serious nonfiction these days; old history, new social and political commentary, and so on. I used to be into fantasy and sci-fi in high school, but a post-secondary education does things to a man. So now, while I'm okay with the occasional dragon or space ship, as far as I'm concerned there's really no making up anything more incredible, crazy or scary than what real people did and continue to do.

On a completely different note, I've been using the little black book you gave me... but only for the purposes of evil. And, you know, Christmas. The actual contents are highly classified, but I'll show you a wee little bit of, well, the inside cover page. I think the bottom line is I'm liking it a lot. :)


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