Wednesday, August 26, 2009

End-of-August/Back-to-School Giveaway... Mmm plus Pat's cupcakes!

It's August 27th, and some students are starting school as early as the 31st. I recall school starting after Labour Day. But as it turns out not everyone. In fact, my taller little sis Pat, whom I dropped off with my brothers in Michigan at her new host family (hence my absence) is starting school next week! Then there's one of my closest BFFs, Amanda who is starting her MBA in Paris... She leaves tomorrow :,(

Check out the bon voyage cupcakes Pat baked for Amanda's farewell party... Not only is the icing multicoloured, but so are the actual cupcakes!

I am excited for Pat, Amanda and everyone else starting or going back to school... Although I will certainly miss them both immensely! So in honour of the fall, and the returning of back to the books, studying... I figured a Back-to-School Giveaway is in order ;D

So here's how to participate...

Comment below a Back-to-School Tip. Two entries for tips that are green!

I will hold the contest till August 31st, and draw a winner on September 1st.

Looking forward to reading your tips!

The prize? How about... An ecoAgenda (to keep track of your homework, and/or to-do lists), two sets of 6x9" ecoWorkbooks (they're my fave, and I keep track of all my different projects on them, and will be using one for the continuing-ed class I start next week), plus a nice big 9x12" ecoKids Sketchbook (for all your doodles!)

So share away :) Am off to Amanda's to help her with last minute tying up of loose-ends. *Sigh* I wish I were going to Paris with her! Looking forward to visiting her in the spring!

Bonne chance ! Good luck with my giveaway !


PS-- Just a reminder, I can only unfortunately ship prizes within Canada and the US. But do please feel free to share your ecoSchool tips just the same, wherever you are!


Nik said...

Keep all the papers your teachers give you, even if they're graded. You never know when you will need them and they always make good scratch paper.

Johnny said...

Save on electricity by accessing computers and wireless access at the library or at coffee shops - bonus eco-friendly thought of using mugs instead of take-away paper cups for your caffeine/cocoa addictions!

Agnes Bolinska said...

Avoid printing papers that are available online. If you must print, print two-sided.

wendy wei said...

Gather up all the scratch paper you can find, create a document on Microsoft Word with just lines (just like lines in a notebook) and print them on the other side of the scratch paper. You can then take them to Office Depot or Staples and have them bind it for you. At last, you have made your very own notebook that is completely 'green'!

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

always write on both sides of the paper!!
or.... only use tuperware for lunches and eco- friendly lunch bags, or use the paper ones more then once.
Thanks for the chance to win!!!


Angela said...

keep all the old handouts and use them as scratch papers.

D'angelo said...

Wow, kindred spirits!!! That's the biggest on I can think of -using both sides. I've kept almost all of my handouts from last year and am reusing the blank side as note-taking paper. 50+ sheets from science were reusable. I've never met anyone who thought that wasn't a crazy idea until now...!
Is it ok if I add more than one tip? (I've been thinking a lot about this recently!)
-If you have a locker, an old CD makes a good mirror.
-a sheet protector and paper also make a good whiteboard.
-for sheets that have been written on both sides, I used it to weave a paper bowl to hold miscellaneous things.
-reuse last year's binders etc.
-if you're really crafty and it's still warm where you live, you can make your own flipflops. You need 4 pieces of foam, several plastic bags. Cut the foam into shapes of your feet, fill it with plastic bag for cushioning, make the toe-holder things by scoring a hole and inserting bag handles into it. Sew it all up. That probably didn't make sense. I have a pic if you'd like.
I actually don't care about winning this...I just love this question!
Ahhh...and if your binder is TRULY broken, you can take out the binder rings and tack them to the wall and I'm sure they'd make a lovely key/scarf/jewelry rack.
Thanks for reading this whole post...:)

D'angelo said...

OOps I was on such a roll I forgot to say...your sister's cupcakes are amazing! You could sell those. I know I would delight in different-coloured cupcakes (and not just icing). ;)

Kathleen said...

I second all the 'double-sided' motions... and would add that trying to find books online is helpful, lots of libraries have scanned and uploaded the classics, so you don't have to purchase new. Secondhand stores and old-fashioned borrowing are also great ways to save some trees, and limit the energy from reading electronically if it's a hefty book :) ... yay for back-to-school goodness!

craftygal86 said...

Download a flashcard program on your cell phone. That way you don't use a ton of the paper flash cards, and you'll always have your study material with you. If your cell phone doesn't offer one, I'm sure you could find one on the internet.

I also second the idea of bringing your own coffee/tea mug instead of using the disposable ones.

pamela said...

Always print and write on both sides of the paper.

take your own lunch on a reusable bag and n reusable sandwich bags.

those cupcakes look absolutely delicious!

wendy wei said...

Another tip: Vanilla folders - If you've already written on one side of it and don't need it anymore, you can flip it around and use it again just like new!


I love it! Please enter me up!

Jessica Attanasio said...

Invest in a small Nalgene or other reusable bottle that can be thrown in a backpack and refilled during the day. You (or your child) are much more likely to drink their allotted amount of water daily if they're carrying it around with them.

carly said...

find eco-friendly ways to get to school! bike, walk, run or take public transit! a little goes a long way!

degood said...

Buy a metal water bottle and then send your kids to school and sports practice with it instead of buying hundreds of bottles of water throught the school year. Also if you are close enough to the school, walk with your kids instead of driving them or if not, then send them on the bus so you don't have to drive them every morning, or if driving is your only option see if you can carpool with a neighbor so that you are using less gas

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