Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Ecojot sneak peek...

Yesterday, I was helping out at the CGTA Gift Show. I hadn't been to a trade show in a while... It's where retailers go to check out the latest designs and purchase new items for their stores! I took some photos with my cellphone camera... Thought perhaps my readers a.k.a. fellow Ecojot-fans deserved a sneak peek of what's being showcased in Toronto and the NYC International Gift Show! The NYC Gift Show is also happening this week from August 16-20!

My favourite newest designs of Carolyn Gavin are the the four new jumbo journal quotes (below). I am especially fond of the "Everyday is Earth Day" - Unknown one!

Ecojot is now also offering in-store displays. If you think your favourite store nearest you should have a display, you should let 'em know they're available ;)

Finally, there's a new ecoWRAP pattern... Can you spot it in the picture below?

That's it for now folks... Tell me what you think of the new quote books!



the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

ooo i like them!
i just got some of the little notebooks, the ones that come 3 in a pack, their perfect for notes!
Also i have another ecojot notebook for my book of quotes so once i finnish that big thing i can use one of those! it will be perfect!


PS thanks for feeding my notebook/journal addiction!

ecojotter said...

you're quite welcome, megan... with pleasure ;D

i <3 the little workbooks too! i carry at least one around with me everywhere i go!



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