Friday, August 28, 2009

Ecojot Outer Layer Event in Toronto on Saturday... Come say hello!

Come see me and Ecojot DesignerJots Carolyn Gavin tomorrow at Outer Layer at 577 Queen Street West in Toronto for our first ever Ecojot Customer Appreciation Event!

You can rsvp on the Facebook Event Page here.

I'll be there from 12:30pm to 4pm. I am keeping my fingers cross that the weather will cooperate!

There'll be refreshments (bring your own drink bottle/cup to be extra green) and buttons! Outer Layer is holding a store-wide sale and Ecojot will be giving a $1 off all Ecojot purchases above $10! Not to mention a special onsite raffle giveaway. So if you're in town, please come by and say hello...

Speaking of giveaways, I've got my end-of-August Giveaway until August 31st, simply scroll down or click here to enter.

And finally, I came across this parody by Julia Stiles late last night on Cele|Bitchy... Yes, it's a guilty pleasure to browse through celebrity rag-sites. This video is hilarious...

So many celebrities claim to be green... But how green are they really? I like to think that Julia is bringing awareness to the prevalence greenwashing, and the need to be throughly ecoConscious. She's g got a website of the parody at:

Have a terrific weekend! I hope to see you tomorrow!



carolyn Gavin said...

i will be a bit late as i have to go to yoga which ends at 12.30. will be there by 1pm!

D'angelo said...

aw, I wish I was there....I'd like to meet you! :)
Out of curiosity, have you ever heard of Pistachio paper products? I always see them next to Ecojot products at Chapters.

ecojotter said...

perhaps one day i can do an ecojot customer appreciation event in vancouver! and then we'll meet :)

re: pistachio, i have indeed heard of them. they are indigo/chapter's own green line. truth be told, it's a bit upsetting because they are kind of knocking off ecojot. have you noticed how similar the products look? they've got a couple pistachio stores here in toronto. both indigo/chapters and pistachio carry ecojot... in fact, they're always positioned right next to us. clearly we're the better, more ECOawesome brand! right? ;D

bon weekend emily !

D'angelo said...

Oh I wondered which came first (pistachio or ecojot) I certainly DID notice that they are very similar, with the notebook sizes, and bold designs. I don't know who's better-they're both ecoly/equally cool, 100% recycled-but ecojot's the one who's brought ecojoy into my life! (someone gifted me a ecojot notebook)


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