Thursday, August 6, 2009

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I quite like these "Clever Lids" by Jack Bresnahan (as seen on InHabitat) that convert tin cans into stylish containers. Jack is a recent graduate of Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK and showcased his designs at the New Designers exhibition in London.

As Bresnahan points out "Bresnahan says that “concentration should be given to a product’s life from birth to death and designers should take responsibility for their products when they eventually need to be disposed of.” The standard “tin” can was patented in 1810, but since the 1960’s they have been made primarily with aluminum, making them entirely recyclable, corrosion resistant, and durable."

Speaking of recycled design... How's this...?

An entire kitchen made of recycled material by Milestone (as seen on EcoFriend). Also in the UK... Is it just me or the British trying to lead the way for green design?
"Classed as a ‘hard & rigid’ plastic, the board material for the unit doors shown here is made from factory reject and post consumer waste… yoghurt pots!
It takes 700 yoghurt pots to make 1 sanded unit door!"
As I happen to own a great "bazura bag" (pictured on the stairs above) made entirely of recycled material (juice packs that would otherwise end up in the landfill). Therefore, I think a whole kitchen would be fabulous! My mum gave me my bazura bag which looks very similar to the one pictured below that I just adore, especially for my grocery shopping trips! They're made in my home country of the Philippines!

Till tomorrow when I announce my Flickr Photo Contest Winners... So be sure to stay tuned, especially if you participated! Happy Thursday!



D'angelo said...

Wow...these products look fabulously hybrid! :) The bag could be looked at for way longer than a normal bag. ;) London, from what I've heard from you, definitely has come up with good ideas-the idea of a "concentrated life" for a manufactured product is so true. Life to its fullest, huh?

D'angelo said...

I just want to say again how inspirational htis post is..all those cool, modest designs. it's really something that would be awesome to pursue as a career...:)

ecojotter said...

@D'angelo: not sure if you're getting to read my comment replies, but just wanted to say THANKS! your comments are ever so inspirational!


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