Saturday, August 8, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS Ecojot Flickr Photo Contest Winners!

Please excuse the delay, I got caught up with lots of stuff yesterday... But without further ado, introducing my Ecojot Flickr Photo winners...

That's right, everyone is a winner! We at Ecojot loved all the entries so very very much that we'd like to personally thank you with a little gift from us. So kindly email me at ecojotter at ecojot dot com with your full contact details so that we may mail your little thank you gift to you! *NOTE: Please remember to include a link and/or your Flickr nickname with your email to me with your address details, so that I know which of your photo(s) were your entries. Thank you.*

And tashi and me & -_- Jeroge HAIR congratulations on being our first and second prize winners respectively! tashi and me, we look forward to hearing who your green cause is to whom we'll be sending a $75 donation on your behalf!

Well done, everyone! Have a fabulous weekend!

Till the next contest... ;)


1 comment:

Candied Fabrics said...

Love them - especially Alexis! Great choices!


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