Friday, August 21, 2009

The Sunny Colourful Calm After a Tornado in Toronto

So apparently last night it wasn't just windy and wet, but there were tornados that swept through Toronto and neighbouring areas. In fact here are some videos attesting to it:

Today however, the sun is shining, and from what I can see all is calm. The night before I was at a grocery store waiting for the rain to stop before walking back to meet friends to have a games night. It was fun watching the sky from inside, but I had no idea how powerful the storm was until we got back to meet up with our friends and an outdoor tent had collapsed on top of my friend's car. Thankfully his car was okay and we were able to disassemble the large white tent, and only a few pieces had been damaged.

It was definitely a good evening to stay in and play board games. We pretty much spent the evening just playing one... A Ticket to Ride - Europe. Have you heard of this game? I must admit, it is one of my favourites! In fact, now that I've played the Europe version, I think I may have to pick it up! Until yesterday I'd only played the North American version, and Europe has a few more fun twists to it, well to be more literal "tunnels!"

Ticket to Ride is an award-winning German-style boardgame. I was first introduced to it last year when my friend Premek got it for his birthday. I definitely think I need to pick myself up a copy. As you can see from the photo above (from Wiki), it's a very colourful game... Likely the reason it has so much appeal for me! What are your favourite boardgames?

Speaking of colour, I received a dozen colourful roses the other day from a not-so-secret admirer :) It was very unexpected, being that it as not my birthday, an anniversary nor had he done anything wrong (hehe)... Very pleasant none-the-less, as when don't we ladies love receiving flowers? ;)

Lastly, yesterday I received a fabulous email from the second prize winner of my first annual Flickr Photo Contest, and couldn't resist sharing it with you...

Sammy, am so happy to know you were so pleased with the prize pack I picked out for you.

I am going to host an August giveaway early next week. I'll post it from Ann Arbor, Michigan if need be. I shall be heading down to Michigan this Sunday till Tuesday... I can't wait! Four out of five of my sibs and I will be together for a little while, plus we'll be going to the beach!

Before I go... Ecojot is co-hosting a giveaway with Green Earth Journey. Visit this great green blog for your chance to win a $35 Back-to-School Ecojot prize pack, and other great prizes! Contest is running till September 2nd, and there are many ways to enter... Good luck!

Bon weekend mes amis ! Happy weekend my dear friends !



Mary Carmen San Vicente said...

I'm a follower of Ecojot, I love all the designs and creativity, congratulations (sorry for my bad english)
Regards from Mexico =)

D'angelo said...

Haha congrats for the roses! :) I was deciding to make some flowers from colourful plastic bags. I also received your appreciation for entering the ecojot photo contest this morning-oh my! Too kind. :) I was seriously anticipating a card and was so surprise a FedEx would actually deliver anything to me at all. :)ecojot adds spice to life!

D'angelo said...

I had a dream a few nights ago after reading about these tornadoes. I didn't realize there were tornadoes in Canada. Were they near where you live? Where they very dangerous? :S

Anonymous said...

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