Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ecojot to be on TV across Canada!

I don't have a television at home (I am old school and listen to the radio... And new school, and watch streaming television online)... However, if you have a TV and live in Canada then be sure to tune in to CTV's Canada AM tomorrow morning around 845am. Isabelle Remy of Buy Canadian First will be talking about how Canadian and eco-wonderful we are!

We've become recent members of and are thrilled that Ecojot has been invited to be part of the feature.

I will be posting a link to the clip tomorrow... In meantime, be sure to check us out if you! I'm so wishing I had a television now ;) Maybe I'll pick up some rabbit ears to connect to my laptop... I've got a special USB contraption that will let me watch TV on my Macbook, if I have cable or an antennae!


1 comment:

Melissa Thibodeau said...

Boy do I love your products! It was awesome seeing them on Canada AM this morning. You can see the segment online now too:


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