Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ecojot: a leader in socially and environmentally responsible design.

Happy Tuesday Evening!

How's everyone doing? Yesterday I received some photographs from a friend who just got back from Japan. En route to Japan a couple weeks ago he noticed something at Pearsons International Airport... Check out my friend Johnson's photo above and photos below...

How cool is that? Being recognized as a leader in socially and environmentally responsible design!

Speaking of "socially and environmentally responsible..." Canopy in Vancouver is fantastic organization we're collaborating with. Best known for the greening of the Harry Potter series globally, Canopy has brokered innovative environmental solutions such as the Wheat Sheet and worked closely with ally organizations to translate companies’ eco-policies into landmark conservation gains in BC’s Great Bear Rainforest and Canada’s Boreal forests.

We're doing three major projects with them in the coming months, including one called the "World Forest" project where Canopy and Ecojot will be sending out 100 Ecojot journals/sketchbooks across the globe for people to share their stories through words, pictures, poetry, etc on why forest are loved. More details to come but in the meantime, check out Canopy for a glimpse of the great work they do!

I have a busy hump day ahead of me sending winners of my Flickr Photo Contest their prizes and thank you gifts ;) If you haven't yet already sent me your address, if you entered my contest, please do!

Off to see Time Traveler's Wife with my sister Pat! It's $4 Tuesday at Rainbow Cinemas... If you live in Ontario and love movies as much as I do, I highly recommend Rainbow Cinemas on Tuesday Nights!


PS-- If you haven't yet already... If you live in Toronto, be sure to RSVP yes to my first ever Ecojot Fan Appreciation Event! Click here for details... It's on August 29th at Outer Layer on Queen Street West.

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the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

ooo i just saw that movie and loved it!!
now i'm in the middle of the bok, and i just wanted to say i like you approach for seeing movies and then reading the books to expand the story, i ahve never thought of it that way so thank you!
Also i highly reccomend reading anyother books written by jodi picoult!!



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