Wednesday, December 31, 2008

paper clocks (real and virtual)

As this is the final day to participate... I have to mention it first... If you haven't yet already, please check out my December Giveaway here. Simply share an eco-factoid for your chance to win a set of 2 ecojotters! Winners to be announced next week sometime. To all my regular readers, please excuse the broken-record-ness, and as always thanks for continually returning.

So its new year's eve day which has kind of thrown me for a loop. Am still without plans. A bit hard to believe this time last year I was attending a costume party in an agreeable apartment just outside of Versailles. Sounds chic, but I think it's just influenced by all the Jane Austen I watched recently. I heart her. I'll never forget my trip to Bath, England and visiting a museum dedicated to her!

Before I get further sidetracked... I actually happen to have some snazzy thoughts for my last 2008 blog entry... So speaking of clocks, here's two super cool ones... One out of paper, the other virtual paper.

As describes the Shuo Yang paper clock, it's "simple and unique," plus made of recycled paper. Am not sure if it's 100%, although truth be told just about all paper is at least 5-10% recycled these days :)

I do not recall how I came about the Industrious Clock. I am however happy to find it still online as it was about five years ago when I first came across it.

Finally, a helpful recycling guide of sorts close to post-holidays. I love how this was originally published Christmas Eve Day. Apparently one of the most emailed articles last week... "The Ins and Outs of Re-Gifting."

Well that's it for now, my dear friends. Advanced Happy Happy 2009 what ever you find yourself doing! See you in the new year!


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