Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wishful Whimsical Wednesday because Whoah weather... COLD!

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Today's title is brought to you by P's challenge.

Woke up (not so bright, literally anyway, 'n) early this morning to bid Carolyn and her family Bon Voyage!

Did I mention I am house and Ziggy-sitting? Oh what fun! Ziggy and I are still acquainting ourselves with one another but so far so good... We have one thing in common, we love sitting in front of the fire in this beautiful home, especially on this brrrrrrr Wednesday (-11C Toronto).

Upon fully walking up, I discovered some bleak headlines about the economy, politics: close, closer to home, and not too far, when I came across this.

And since as a Canadian I like to think I have good sense of humour (yes, spelt with a "u") and can poke fun of ourselves... For your Wednesday enjoyment...

Canadians: Click on image above to view video.
Americans: Click here -same video, different link :)

Now off to surf, the web that is... I am in search of the best looking sites out there as Ecojot will be revamping its own site in 2009 and I have the pleasure of spearheading this campaign. What are some of your favourite sites? Carolyn has shared some of her faves with me which include Orla Kiely, Snow & Graham and Misha Lulu. Plus a recent fave of mine, as recommended by Thrive: :D Please share yours!

Happy Wishful Whimsical Wednesday!



corteaus said...

Here are some of my favorite sites:

and i just recently found this one today:

carolyn Gavin said...

just in case my other email doesnt get to you. how is it going? how is our baby boy doing without us?
any new would be great!
love love love,
us in barbadoss


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