Monday, December 15, 2008

Gifts, gifts 'n more gifts

It's almost 4pm, the sun is almost set, and I have been inside all day writing away... So after this quick jot, I shall take a nice walk with Ziggy (who just happens to be napping... again!)

Was browsing some of my friends blogs when I came across Lisa Canning's posting on Even tape can be fabulous! Agreed. And at $14.99, she's right , "come on" you can't go wrong... Especially when on the look out for affordable holiday gifts.

There are also 25 [other great] holiday gift ideas by Marianne Rohrlich of the NYTimes. I am particularly fond of the stainless steel shredding scissors available at

Speaking of gifts, I finished up my gift preparation for that IT Company. I had so much fun placing a Staedtler triplus fineliner in the the big coils of jumbo journals, accented with little 3x4s, and wrapping 'em in those delightful Danica canvas bags I found! Since the IT Company happens to be called Squarify, I completed the very eco-friendly presents with delicious square Ghiradelli chocolates... Mmmm!

Have any holiday gifting tricks? Please do share.

Now time for that walk. Remember sometime tomorrow I'll be posting a question for you to answer, for a chance to win two new eojotters. Not yet at stores! If you haven't already... Carolyn's offering a chance to win on her blog too. Bonne soirée.


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