Thursday, December 18, 2008

economically-savvy usually also equals being eco-savvy

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I paid my monthly bills late last night (approaching early morn) and when I was done I sighed heavily and cried dry tears of sadness. These are tough times for just about everybody, so I will spare you more melodrama.

After sipping (leftover) wine from last night's dinner, I looked up to see a City of Toronto: Garbage, Recycling & Green Bin Collection Calendar sort of hanging on Carolyn's office wall. December's theme...? Smart shopping.

Here's what it says...

The cool thing? Ecojot products satisfy a majority of the above suggestions! In fact, starting in 2009, their vacuum plastic wrap will be corn-based biodegradable packaging (only when necessary).

Anyhow, this all got me to thinking. Since returning from France... Broke in a bad economy... I've learned to be a particularly creative thrifty individual. Granted I like to think my college years, first post-college years, and of course, recent year abroad as a student again (on a tiny tiny budget) prepared for said creativity... I did have a few years in between in a cushy job earning a bit of disposable income (after paying myself first of course--saving's important folks!) I won't lie... I miss those days! But I digress...

Being frugal can be fun! Don't believe me? Well for one, being economically-savvy usually also equals being eco-savvy! It's a conversation starter / great way to meet people... All right, I don't go up to strangers and talk about my cheap habits... But I do walk or take public transit. And well, especially when I'm with Ziggy these days... Conversations abound!

And, well, this Christmas, my family has decided in lieu of a traditional gift exchange to go Kris Kringle a.k.a. Christkindl a.k.a. Secret Santa. Nine of us, randomly picked names and are surprising our santees with approximately 50 bucks worth of gifts from their wishlists. Plus a couple dollar-store or better yet hand-made silly gifts for good measure and laughs (as suggested by my brother Victor). How great is it to actually receive something you want for Christmas, instead of that over-sized sequined sweater you likely will only wear once?

Finally, all this thrifty talk reminds me of this great article in my fave paper... The NYTimes... "We're Going to Party Like It's 1929." Alex Williams narrates how he and celebgrated NYC even planner David Monn put together a "Budget Shangri-La" complete with potatoes as a main course. Check out the audio slide show, which I saw for the first time yesterday, since I read the article on my train ride back from upstate NY last month.

Here's to a creative winter holiday... What are you doing to be creatively thrifty?


PS - Hello to all those new to my blog... Welcome! In case you're looking for the December Giveaway details... Please click here.

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