Friday, December 5, 2008

Funny Friday?

After breakfast this morning, I logged on to the world wide web to catch up on what everyone's up to... post-listening to the CBC news of course 0:)

Was browsing amongst FB posted items when I came across... Man tries to pay bill with spider drawing... I kid you not. Thank you Adriana for sharing, it certainly made me laugh this morning :D

Now for something a little less odd and funny to something more silly and fun... I was trying to remember what video Lenka's Trouble is a Friend reminded me of... That would be Marie Digby's Say It Again, very poppy but great for a crisp but sunny Friday (click on video to view)...

I think I'm fond of both these videos because they both go back to simpler "special effects..." Although this version of Enjoy the Show is stilly my fave! All a little more organic, like jotting is to typing... :)

Bon Weekend Everyone!


1 comment:

Thrive said...

The spider is amazing and I could laugh at that article all day. It is also the inspiration behind:

If only we could get out of paying bills with humor :)


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