Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thrilling Tuesday

Bon Mardi!
Happy Thrilling Tuesday! I was contemplating Terrific Tuesday, but perhaps I will save terrific for Thursday ;)

Thrilling because I am thrilled to introduce ecojotters (no not multiple me's, but little notebooks inspired by me...)

"portable, debossed 100% recycled mini journals with a handy elastic closer"

designed by Carolyn Gavin who happens to giving away 2 this month! Check out her blog for more details. PLUS that's not all... There are four ecojotter designs in all, and I will be giving away another set of the two other designs later this month... So stay tuned!

I adore the picture above because that blinder clip attached to the book is exactly what I do! But not just to the spiral bound notebooks but even the workbooks as can be seen from the photo to the left. Can you spot the tiny little black binder clip?

Two other exciting tidbits... Welcome all new readers who are visiting from DesignerJots my blog sister site... As Carolyn will be away for a couple weeks, I do hope you will stop by regularly

"for your chance to win again! + maybe keep up with ecojot news as well."

Lastly, I am meeting up with Louie Tucci today at the Palmerston Café to pick up the MMM Ecojot Sketchbook. I can't wait to see what he came up with and give you a sneak peak!

Again Bon Mardi! Happy Thrilling Tuesday! Stay warm Torontonians and others in equally cold climates.



windy angels said...

I've already entered once. I'll hope to be able to enter again.
thanks for telling us.

P said...

Although I love alliteration, I find that alliterating two words is just the entry level and you've been doing it long enough - you need to escalate. More words, more glorious syllables, more madness!

So, for instance, you could've gone with "Thoroughly Tantalizing Tuesday", or, if all bets are off, maybe "Tenaciously Transcendent Tuesday Tidings." Or something...


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