Wednesday, December 17, 2008

vlog attempt no. 1

**Update 23-12-08: According to my cousin Andrea I look orc-ish and just plain scary in my vlog... Therefore it's been removed. Perhaps I'll re-upload it next Halloween. As mentioned below here's much more entertaining video.**

My first (and likely last) attempt at vlogging... There's a reason I prefer being behind the camera, as can likely be seen from my facial expressions (ie., blinky eyes). I sincerely give my kudos to all experienced and constant vloggers out there. If only there really were a service for Instant Vlogging! Perhaps next time, I'll have Ziggy sit in for me instead... Maybe he won't come out looking as dark and scary :-o

If you want to spare yourselves from my vlog... It's simply me reminding you to please participate in my December Giveaway down below. For a funnier video courtesy of my Uncle Matt, check this out.

On a tastier note... I had a little dinner gathering with three close friends (Amanda, Cliff and Yasmin). I prepared my no-fail specialty savoury chicken Adobo, complimented with a side dish green beans, red onions and tomatoes sautéed in lots of butter, and a fragrant little hill (literally, it's this thing I like to do when I scoop rice for special occasions) of Jasmine rice. We accompanied the meal with a South African red wine recommended to me by the liquor store.

For dessert we cleansed our palates with chocolate covered chocolate-raspberry sorbet on a light chocolate wafer (mmm, chocolate). Sounds impressive, but the grocery store I went to didn't have plums, otherwise I would have made poached plums in wine with vanilla ice cream. Instead, I cheated and got something pre-made (which thankfully turned out decent and on-sale!)

Have any good recipes? Please share (I'd be happy to do the same).


PS - Thank you to Amanda, Cliff and Yas for the beautiful white orchid! My first orchid!

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