Monday, December 22, 2008

Did you know Ecojot... Orange card :)

Am a bit of a scatter brain this morning... Had one of those when it rains it pours kinda days. Although I suppose technically, it should be called when it snow storms it dumps snow kinda days is more appropriate. You know those days?

Also, moments from leaving for good ol' New England for the Christmas holidays. However, as promised here's another one of the Did you know Ecojot... cards I designed.

Here's hoping the roads are manageable. I see the entries slowly growing on the December Giveaway contest (please scroll down). Keep 'em coming if you're new to the site, or please do encourage your friends.

And whether you're at your holiday destination or en route... Stay safe and warm. I am keeping optimistic overall. It's sunny out today... And not snowing ;)


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