Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sneak peeks and cheap finds!

This morning I had the pleasure of stopping at designer Carolyn Gavin's home to see the final pre-print copy of Ecojot's 2009 catalogue. I was kindly allowed to share my input, which truth be told was mostly me drooling over all the new designs, including... the peacock design (above)!

So Carolyn lives on the east-end of Toronto, thankfully she's just a Queen streetcar ride away. However, here's a question for you... Have you ever fallen asleep on public transit and woken up to discover you're than a couple stops away from your original target location? Well that's what happened to me! However, I decided to make it into a happy accident... And do some window shopping and pop into the stores I just couldn't resist... The Knit Café, Token, Atomic (pictured above; to say hi to Lawrence) and of course The Paper Place to name a few.

My last stop was at BLVD Interiors where I found myself a dozen Danica canvas bags. A bit much sounding to be sure... But at $19 a pop minus 75%, I couldn't go wrong! Hence the "cheap finds." Yes, I bought them all! 0:)

What will I do with so many canvas bags you ask? Well, one of my freelance gigs this month is designing holiday client appreciation gifts for a small IT start-up. As you can imagine I am going with an eco-savvy theme ;) I'll be sure to share the final gifts soon!

That's it for now...

PS - Random thrifty tip: As you may know, when a store is trying to get rid of old stock they will continually lower prices until everything is sold. A couple months ago those same bags were only 50% off... Plus when I offered to buy all of them, the owner gave me an even better deal! So if you don't mind the risk, waiting can pay off!

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