Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

Wow, is it really New Years Eve Day tomorrow? Is 2009 really just around the corner?

I ended up unexpectedly extending my stay to spend quality time with the family. Am minutes from the road. Thankfully it's 0 Celsius (that's 32 Fahrenheit, my dear American friends) and sunny, quite the difference when my older brother and I drove in on the 22nd. A typically eight and a half hour drive became eleven. I drove a third of the drive, and somehow managed to drive into toughest white-wall conditions of the route. Proud to say, I'm a rather decent driver as we made it to Torrington before 2am.

Speaking of Pride, watched Pride and Prejudice last night. One of nearly (and literally) a dozen movies over the holidays. It was the 2005 version starring Kiera Knightly. Although, I'd originally said it was pas mal (not bad) three years ago (I'm a big fan of the BBC version starring Colin Firth), the cinematography and score are quite noteworthy.

All right, must do that last sweep around my aunt and uncle's to be sure I didn't forget anything (which I always seem to manage to do!) Please excuse not-so-entertaining post, although one fine eco-note since my aunt and uncle happen to be travel agents. How's that for another segway? Did you know they have eco-friendly cruises? Funny enough I visited the Celebrity cruise website and they don't blatantly advertise its green-ness, however, apparently this luxurious cruise...
"is the industry’s first ship to use solar energy, with 216 panels generating power for all the ship’s elevators, or more than 7000 LED lights used in the cruise ship. The overall design of the ship has been made as aerodynamic as possible to increase its fuel efficiency and speed. The higher wattage halogen lamps on the ship have all be replaced by longer-lasting and energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lights, cutting the energy requirements by as much as 50%."
A more thorough description at ecofriend.org, my newest green site find! Clients of my aunt and uncle's highly recommend the ship. Should you care for more info my remarkable relatives. Let me know ;) Happy to pass along their contact info.

Happy New Year's Eve Eve! Two days left to enter my December Giveaway (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).


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