Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reminiscencing & Recycling

Wow! Is it really December 11th 2008? Where did the year go? This time last year I was in France. The photograph of the swans to the left was (as it turns out) taken exactly one year ago!

Ahhh... France, land of dark chocolate truffles, pastries, baguettes, cheese and of course, wine! I was on a tight budget then (and until now), but thankfully wine was always affordable!

Speaking of wine, check out this fabulous idea on how to transform a wine bottle into a beautiful lamp. Admit it! You're intrigued, after all who doesn't prefer "making reusable packaging beautiful and useful instead of throwing it out?"

I came across the idea at - a site kindly recommended by my Uncle Matt. Here's when I must admit these "Anime and video game themed bento lunches [are indeed] delicious works of art." I also absolutely couldn't resist clicking on "Can a yellow blob clean a keyboard better than Windex?" A word of caution, it really is a yellow blob... gooey and gross.

However, since it was very commercial-like, it reminded me of one of my favourite real commercials... I don't know about the car... But great commercial:

Well that's it for my thoughts, except for one final one... I will be holding my December Giveaway next week. I am still trying to come up with a Question to Ask... I loved Carolyn's but am trying to come up with my own ecojot-esque question... Any ideas? Please comment below.



Anonymous said...

how about something like:

~ what's your favourite homemade decorative piece?
~ what's the most creative/handmade holiday gift you've given?


ecojotter said...

curvyglo - (belated) thanks for the suggestion... i decided to continue on an environmental theme... but i shall remember your suggestions for a future giveaway ;)

looking forward to your december entry!

doc johnson vibrator said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I am visiting the site right know. Hopefully i can find many kinds of recycling techniques.


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