Monday, December 8, 2008

manic monday

i really miss toronto winters
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"Just another manic Monday... Wish it were Sunday, because that's my fun day. I don't have to run day... Just another manic monday."
Okay today wasn't quite manic but it certainly was busy. I think I also may just want to keep up with my recent alliteration titles. 0:)

First of all, here's hoping this finds everyone having had a wonderful weekend! Wow was it ever cold in Toronto! Eek, I forgot how cold Canadian winters are, especially in Ontario. I am convinced that it feels colder than in the Rockies were I spent my high school days. It may get as cold as -30 there, but -30 feels like -20 and it's a dry cold... Here you feel it in your bones!

Speaking of the cold, I have recently been researching alternative heating options, but of course energy efficient, ie. green ones. I was originally considering a space heater when my friend Jamie recommending considering an electric blanket. As she pointed out, if the need arises when I travel (and as you all know, I can end up traveling quite a bit and unexpectedly at that) I could bring it along, unlike a space heater.

So I did a quick google search for "energy efficient electric blanket" (not that's an alliteration!) and discovered this awesome site called Green Vaccine which I have since bookmarked! I love unexpected such as these... As much as I love comments that reveal cool sites such as ! Thanks Thrive !

Finally, I can't not mention the awesome early Christmas present I received from my friend Premek at his holiday cheese and wine party... A beautiful bright pink box of.... Drumroll... Every colour of Sharpie pen you could imagine! Très cool... I can't wait to jot and draw away with 'em. Thanks again Premek!

Stay warm everyone,
xo, ej

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Thrive said...

I'm glad you like the site :) we're always taking submissions if you ever come up with any!

I'm also completely jealous of your new sharpie collection!


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