Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Don't mess with karma..."

Do you recall when I blogged about the man who tried to pay a bill with a spider...? Which in turn prompted Thrive (Thanks again Thrive!) to introduce me to, a brilliantly funny website. Well last night I came across a Don't mess with karma YouTube ad, that of course I had to post...

A little extreme perhaps in its message... But I can't deny, it definitely made me laugh out loud!

The ad was next to an article in GreenMuze about a Climate Change Rug by Mexican design collection NEL and green rug company Nanimarquina..

Along the same lines of "Nuage Vert" the rug is an art piece meant to be an "invitation to reflect on the contemporary world around us. The loneliness of a small polar bear surrounded by nothing communicates the urgency of the message. Global warming is a proposition of hope; the potential for a better future, a possible world.”

Here's to not just the potential but a better future exclamation mark! Oh and of course always being aware of karma ;) You certainly wouldn't want this to happen to you...



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