Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sending solar energy via snail mail.

I signed on to Facebook to discover two of my friends had posted the video below to share. Granted, they know each other and one of them may have imitated the other. Regardless, it is as its title suggests "smart and funny."

I must admit, with my enormous love for YouTube. I'm not even sure how many videos I've shared thus far... I am more and more convinced February's Giveaway will involve video somehow. What do you say? Game?

Seeing as I will frequently watch videos on my iPod touch, the "World's First Solar Postcard by HYmini" featured by ecofriend caught my eye. Apparently, the "handheld battery generates enough power to keep your iPod alive for 20 minutes, provided you’ve charged it fully. It comes with USB adapter tips for handheld devices."

Granted 20 minutes isn't long, but if you've got a nano... According to greenmuze, "the miniNOTE can fully charge an iPod Nano or charge your cell phone battery half way." What an excellent alternative to a conventional charger. I suspect it would be particularly handy when traveling. No need for plug converters just sunshine!

xo, ej

PS - January Giveaway open until the end of the month! Check it out if you haven't yet already ;)

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