Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Onwards, Upwards and therefore looking up and seeing GREEN!

I trust we can all agree that was quite the speech by 44th American President Barack Obama yesterday. I happened to be at a community college library at noon, in awe of the history unfolding before me on a large projected screen of live CNN streaming video. "I suppose this is your Man walking on the Moon," said a woman to me. I nodded and replied with a big smile.

Now it's onwards and upwards we go. And if I were living in Helsinki (last year anyway), I'd be looking up at le Nuage Vert, the "Green Cloud" by French art duo Hehe (Helen Evans and Heiki Hansen).

Featured on inhabitat, "HeHe installed a Nuage Vert, or “Green Cloud”, across the skies of Helsinki. The installation used laser tracking to project a green illumination onto the chimney emissions of the Salmisaari power plant. The illumination adjusts its shape and size to the contours of the vapor, reflecting the electrical consumption of residents in Ruoholahti and neighboring Lauttasaari."

Click here for the full article. What an incredible art piece... Or as the French say "incroyable!" Apparently during the week long installation, local residents were encouraged to consume less. Incredible and inspiring to say the least...

Just as inspiring as your ecoResolutions as part of my January Giveaway. 30+ comments to day! That's a third more than my first Giveaway... Yay! Thanks everyone, and remember I'm running it till the end of the month... So please encourage your friends to share their ecoResolutions!


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