Monday, January 26, 2009

From Rice Terraces to Husks to Light.

Is it really the last week of January? Wow, time sure flies by. Only one more week to participate in this month's Giveaway.

How was your weekend? I was feeling under the weather, and spent most of my time in bed... Which makes the following stupendous video seem very appropriate. Although it sure looks like this girl's dreams were a whole lot more exciting than mine!

My little sister, Ticia shared the above video with me. And speaking of Ticia, it turns out she mentioned in me in a recent vlog of hers! Check it out below.

And finally, speaking of family... My mum's recent Facebook status (yes, my dear mother is on Facebook) revealed that a Mr. Alexis Belonio is a recipient of of the 2008 Rolex Awards for Enterprise. Mr. Belonio is the first Filipino Associate Laureate to win Rolex's award recognizing "pioneering projects that demonstrate innovative thought and contribute to the betterment of humankind."

Turning waste into fuel, "Alexis Belonio has produced a simple, gas-fired stove powered by rice husks, one of Asian's most abundant farm wastes." My folks had the pleasure of meeting Alexis and his wife, and according to my mum, "His wife and he are so nice and cerebral yet very low-key." There's a great video explaining Belonio's award-winning work here. I'd have embedded it if I could.

I must admit, I was particularly excited to hear about this project since, I suspect the reason my parents had the pleasure of meeting the Associate Laureate was because my dad's work is along similar lines. Affectionately referred to as "the fart machine" by his children, my dad designed a small-scale biodigester a few years back. Another time, I'll have to tell you more. For now, in a nutshell, systems that turn waste into renewable energy, ie., biodigesters are large, my dad's design is small and can be used by small to medium sized farms.

Well that's it for now. Here's to making an ecoDifference big or small!


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