Monday, January 12, 2009

New buds to welcome you into each month...?

All this talk about ecoResolutions got me thinking about calendars, not just agendas... When I came across the Plantable Eco Calendar at I agree with ecofriend, it's still a bit on the pricey end for $19.99 ($24.95 on the manufacturer's site!) but a great concept... How lovely would be to have new buds to welcome you into each month through the year?

Speaking of innovative ideas... How about a wrist-phone? Not quite Dick Tracy's, and honestly, not sure if it's for me... Especially if when they say "disposable" they mean intended to be used one and then thrown away rather than readily available. I am obviously anti-disposable and pro-reuse, with the few exceptions... Like Kleenex!

However since the design is pretty sleek (or rather appears to be) I had to mention LG's Wrist Phone by Shirley A. Roberts featured on What do you think?
Thank you to all those who've participated thus far in January's Giveaway. Am so happy to see so many of you resolved to make an ecoDifference in '09! Please help spread the word... Tell your friends!

Happy Monday! Bon Lundi !


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