Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow Inspiring Wednesday

So I have to admit, I am thrilled to see so many ecoResolutions posted in response to my January Giveaway. What an inspiration to see so many of you committed to giving back to our planet.

It's particularly inspiring to know that the desire to be eco-friendly encourages innovation and innovation encourages eco-friendliness.

What I clung to most in a recent NYTimes article "Design Loves a Depression," is the hope that the better design will result not only in more affordable, "but packaging and other everyday objects to be designed specifically for recycling so that their parts and materials are used and reused without waste."

From Eco•font, which *~Jackie~* mentioned and I touched upon on in a previous post, to low power radio technology.... There are exciting eco-innovations abound!

My Uncle Matt was kind enough to forward this article to me, "Low power radio technology means no more remote control batteries," that I somehow missed on DVice. Apparently
"Not only does this technology [by Green Peak] enable better remote controls - they'll work through walls up to nearly a hundred feet away - but could help eliminate the 8 billion dead remote control AA and AAA batteries that are tossed into the garbage each year."
If you hear of an exciting eco-innovation, please do share. Thanks for stopping by :)


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