Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ecosavvying instead of Greenwashing

Today's "Did you know Ecojot..." card is brought to you by the colour olive-green, and the letter K for Kermit the frog.

As today's card mentions "It's simply not good enough to be green anymore. Today, every company, whether truthfully or not, claims to be as a green as Kermit the frog. Ecojot walks the talk and more..."

Do you agree? Have you heard the term "greenwashing?" Apparently the term was coined by a suburban NY environmentalist Jay Westerveld in 1986 in response to the hotel industry's practice of encouraging hotel guests to reuse their towels to "save the environment." We all know the cards. Westerveld wrote that, in most cases, little or no effort was being made to actually recycle, mainly because there were no cost-cutting benefits.

In my opinion, when it comes down to a few simple, but not always easy things.....
  • Honest marketing campaigns from companies.
  • Being well-informed consumers (or as I prefer eco-savviests); and
  • Balance. We all consume products. We can't just stop. And I certainly doesn't always buy green, but we can make more conscious choices.
So on that note, and because they happen to be one of my favourite Canadian designers... Preloved is having their Annual Sample & Warehouse Sale from January 26 to 29 at 24 Ryerson Avenue, Toronto. Are you familiar with Preloved?

Click on the images above or below to be directed to their website. "Preloved creates one of a kind clothing from reclaimed vintage fabrics." My favourite piece is a black strapless dress made out of trench coats, of which I get frequent compliments! Perhaps I'll see you at the sale...

That's it for now. Tomorrow I'll be announcing my January Giveaway...



jay said...

Great piece-

If you wouldn't mind, would you please spell my name correctly?
It's "Westerveld"

ecojotter said...

Wow, Jay... Thank you so much for your comment. What a compliment for you to have come across my blog :) My apologies for the typo... Correction made. Cheers!

D'angelo said...

THe reuse of vintage fabrics is VERY cool!! fashion is one of those things that aren't green with styles going in and out...but at the same time we're reusing fabrics, we'r also reducing waste. :) coolio


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