Thursday, January 29, 2009

My love for Preloved

It's the last day of the Preloved Annual Sample & Warehouse Sale. I got a reminder in my inbox last night: "Everything is already at least $10 less than before" And considering that "Everything $10, $20, $30, $40 or $50!!" that quite literally could mean it's a steal. Hehe ;D

So it's 11:33am, and I happen to be snow-trekking distance from the sale this very moment. Guess where I'm off to? Am on a super tight budget these days, so this type of sale is just what I need! I'll be sure to show off any purchases if I make any ;)

Oooh, speaking of waiting to the last minute... Only 3 days left till my January Giveaway ends. Get those entries in, if you haven't already ;D

And with all that said and done, I located a YouTube video of a Preloved Fall Fashion Show from 2006 I will leave you with. I should warn you, the video's zooming can make you dizzy as, in seriously nauseated. I couldn't watch the whole thing... But if you watch the first few seconds you get an idea of Preloved's fabulous ecoSUAVE designs!


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