Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marry Me Tuesday

This afternoon I discovered the ytscreeningroom. For someone who spends an awful lot of time on YouTube, you'd think I'd found it sooner. I stumbled in to the screening room intrigued by the featured video "how to say i love you," but was more fond of "Marry Me" -the first YouTube video I finally figured out how to embed! Yay!

Perhaps I am a typical girl, being drawn to such titles. However, if you're indeed of a video Tuesday treat... The description says it all...
"Little girl likes little boy. Little boy likes BMX bike. Something has to give."
Enjoy. Happy Tuesday!


PS - Special Greetings to new readers, especially those who recently received my new years' greeting. January Giveaway info available here. Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

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