Friday, January 23, 2009

From your OJ to your wrist watch... Reducing your carbon footprint

When I came across a NYTimes article entitled "How Green Is My Orange?" I couldn't help but want to click to read. After all, for the last few weeks I have been diligently buying big juicy oranges and making freshly squeezed OJ with my lovely ceramic juicer from my dear friend Janet --pictured above - the juicer not Janet ;)

The article refers to PepsiCo's recent concern on "How much does your morning glass of orange juice contribute to global warning?" Turns out, "3.75 pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted to the atmosphere for each half-gallon carton of orange juice." The question is, will PepsiCo start marketing this fact, and print it directly on their packaging. Do consumers care? What do you think?

I certainly do take an active mental note of packaging when I go shopping. I carry around my colourful patterned canvas bags to avoid plastic, but would I read the number of carbon dioxide units on a box? I care about eating healthy, but I don't calorie count. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

From reading carbon dioxide emissions on consumer products to, outright erasing your carbon footprint completely by simply wearing a wrist watch. Check out the eECO2 personal carbon dioxide scrubber by James Kershaw and Chad Garn. Featured at Yanko Design, "the system looks at capturing directly from the air and making it cleaner" while also telling time.

Would you wear it?

Seeing as I managed to require repair for my new wrist watch I got for Christmas already... I would! :-o

Well that's it for now. Bon weekend! Happy weekend!

xo, ej

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P said...

That's kind of neat; if it works as advertised and if it's affordable and if enough people get them it could potentially start doing something somehow maybe. ;)

Being skeptical, one has to ask some things, like...
- Does it, uh, work as advertised?
- How $much?
- How long does it have to run before it covers its own carbon cost of manufacture?
- What happens to the 'scrubbed' CO2?

JohnnyK said...

I don't believe that one can "erase your carbon footprint completely", simply by wearing a watch. For one, the energy used for and carbon dioxide released from the *production* of the watch would probably outweigh any benefits of this device. Besides, where does the CO2 go? Oh, don't forget shipping the device to the market, because that's the CO2 cost of your orange juice (to bring it up from Florida or other tropical climate orange growing areas.

I appreciate the fact that grocers are now listing the origins of produce so that we can support local produce; aka the 100 Mile Diet. That's CO2 counting for ya...


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