Friday, October 9, 2009

A Perfect Flush Friday... Plus a SUPERCRAWL in Hamilton!

When I lived in France last year all the toilets I came across always had two flushing options... I've noticed since coming back to Canada that newer toilets have the dual-flush option. But how about those who rent an apartment (like myself) or who just can't afford to buy a new toilet?

Well I just came across this terrific eco-invention on ecofriend called the Brondell Perfect Flush

Did you know...?
  • 55 billion gallons of drinkable water are flushed everyday.
  • 8 out of 10 bathroom visits don't require a full flush.
See their brief less than two-minute video on how it works. In a nutshell, "The system installs in less than 30 minutes and cuts water use by 30 to 50%, which the company claims will save an average home up to $100 annually in water use, thereby recouping its cost of $99 in just one year."

I'm certainly going to try and convince my landlady to give it a try for all the toilets in the building, and consider it as a Christmas present to my homeowner friends and family.

Every little bit counts, right? Oh and if you live in Toronto and are considering purchasing a new toilet, and didn't know... "The City of Toronto offers residents a $60 or $75 cash incentive to replace a water-guzzling toilet with a City-selected water-efficient model!" Full details available here.

Here's to being truly green. And in case I hadn't mentioned it, if you live in the Hamilton area... ecojot is making an appearance at Mixed Media at 154 James Street North.

If you need help getting to the exact location, see below. Have you tested out Google Street View, yet? It's so much fun, not to mention a super convenient way to know where you're going!

View Larger Map

But I digress, Mark of ecojot, unfortunately not along with me this time around, will be checking out the James Street North Supercrawl tomorrow night... Lot's of music, plus the usual ecojot Fan appreciation fair... dollar-off coupons, gourmet jellybeans and of course a free raffle to win some of your favourite 100% recycled stationery! Please check it out if you're nearby!

Have a fabulous weekend... Oh and advanced Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians out there! Gobble gobble!



D'angelo said...

Cool! The statistics sound true to life, and while a new toilet=lots of waste, the button seems like a great idea. If it doesn't cost ot much I'd suggest it to my parents ;)

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