Thursday, October 15, 2009

Countdown to Copenhagen... Ways to be a Climate Ally!

So I'm sitting at café in the Annex in Toronto... And as it happens I am sitting next to a blog interview! It's a little loud in the café so I can't successfully eavesdrop, but clearly it's about the growing popularity of blogs, how that there is just an over-concentration of blogs now and how it is effecting the journalism profession.

"Technorati currently states it is tracking over 112.8 million blogs, a number which obviously does not include all the 72.82 million Chinese blogs as counted by The China Internet Network Information Center" - Blog Herald - How Many Blogs Are There?

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? All I know is that I believe this Blog Action Day phenomenon is such a fantastic idea! As of the moment I write this and when I wrote earlier today... There are 853 more bloggers and two more countries dedicating today to "Climate Change!"

How amazing is that? After I write this post I shall check out all the different participants out there!

So what is Climate Change? Versus Global Warming? Well if you click on the hyperlinks you'll go to the wiki definitions. Bottom line...

"Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. It can be a change in the average weather or a change in the distribution of weather events around an average (for example, greater or fewer extreme weather events). Climate change may be limited to a specific region, or may occur across the whole Earth."

So I suppose you could say global warming is a type of climate change.

So what's the deal? How do we make a difference? Well I thought I'd take the time to break things down for you...

2) Join the fight for climate justice, add your "tck" here. I plan to video myself adding my "tck!"

3) Read up on what the deal is and "Why we need to 'Seal the Deal' in Copenhagen" in December.

What to know is this...

"On 7 December 2009, representatives from 193 Parties will convene in Copenhagen seeking to seal the deal on a fair, comprehensive and scientifically rigorous climate agreement for the post-2012 period.

This year, we have the opportunity to choose a new path. Copenhagen offers the chance to retool our global economy – to invest in clean energy, boost prosperity and lift millions out of poverty. By sealing the deal in Copenhagen, we can provide a more livable planet for our children and generations to come."

So what I'm thinking is we have 52 days, less than two months to make sure our voice is heard. Buying ecofriendly products such as ecojot is one thing, and I am very proud of doing my part by using such green products whenever I can, but there is more we can do! So think about it. Visit some of the links I've shared with you. I haven't come up with a giveaway yet this month, and I really want it to count, so I'm thinking I may do another rolling giveaway specific to Climate Change so stay tuned.

At 27 years old, I think it is so important to do our part. I want future generations to be able to love their planet. To take care of it, but it all starts with ourselves!

Again, Happy Blog Action Day '09! If you've got a special rolling giveaway idea that I can do leading up to December 7, 2009 share it with me ;)


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