Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I've gotta feeling... that I love giving!

I love helping great causes, especially ones that encourage reading and writing, and most of all creativity and expression, so it was so wonderful to hear back from one of the events that I personally helped donate ecojot workbooks to!

Check out the lovely thank you email I received the other day....

Dear Ecojotter,

On behalf of the Spencertown Academy, I would like to send my deepest gratitude for Ecojot's generous contribution of 50 notepads to the Festival of Books event last September 4th - 13th. The Festival was well-attended by visitors and locals alike. The notepads were a topical addition to the 2nd weekend of the event, when we showcased a New York State Poet Laureate, who read from her latest collection, thus inspiring would-be poets to start jotting down thoughts and feelings. How handy the notepads proved to be!

The Ecojot notepads were a hit among the school-age children; they especially liked the "cool" and "fun" designs and the fact that they were made from recycled materials.

Thank you again for your support and generosity.

Volunteer, Spencertown Academy

It was my pleasure, Marie! Am so pleased to hear the little ecoWorkbooks were such a hit!

Want to know a little secret? Well I'm at ecojot headquarters this afternoon and I am currently working on something huge for 2010 with Mark, one of the owners of ecojot. Something very inspiring and very philanthropic. Something that will make you feel warm and fuzzy every time you purchase and use an ecojot notebook, and not just because it's 100% recycled! Something I can't wait to tell you more about... But can't (sorry!) until it's all finalized. But I promise you'll hear it here first on blog ;)

But in the meantime, I just want to share this great video clip that you've probably already seen floating around the interweb, but if you haven't, you gotta check out... Watching it each time just makes me smile and want to get up and dance, it reminds me how everyone can do their little part and end up getting together to do something huge, fun and exciting!

Happy Hump Day!



Anonymous said...

My 1st big show of the season is next weekend - I can't wait to share my ecojotters with folks! I love the intention behind your company, and am so glad I can share it with others!

Can't wait to hear about your next endeavor!

ecojotter said...

YAY! have an awesome 1st big show Candy... bon courage as the french say ;)

and thank you for your support!



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