Monday, October 19, 2009

Can you tell what this lamp is made from?

Can you tell what this lamp is made from? Old keyboard parts!

Nifty, huh? "The keyboard is one such essential computer accessory which is extremely affordable and easy to replace with than repaired."

"Designer Nolan Herbut has meticulously removed and rearranged all the keys and wrapped the whole thing up to create this awesome Keyboard Parts Lamp. The light permeating through the gaps between keys creates an awesome surreal effect and it almost deceives one to believe that lamp is made of sophisticated cut glass, and unless specifically told no one will believe that good old humble boring keyboard has been transformed into an aesthetically beautiful lamp."

If only more designers could reuse material like that!

Here's hoping you had a terrific weekend. I sure did... Had loads of fun on a mini road trip to Stratford with my brother G, friends Aaron and Ana to meet up with my sister Pat, her host mum Lori, host sister Eleanor and friends Daniel and Adarsh. Good times coupled with lovely weather.

Macbeth turned out to be a contemporary production. I forgot how dark this play by the Bard of Avon is. All in all, I was impressed, especially considering it turns out actor Colm Feore is currently playing the leads in Macbeth and Cyrano.

Happy Monday!


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