Friday, October 16, 2009

ecoFashion Design Friday

Happy Friday! It's crisp outside here in Toronto, but it is beautiful out... The sun is shining and skies are blue.

I was up relatively early for my yearly full medical check-up. Is it just me? Or no matter how early you arrive to your appointment, even when you're appointment is first thing in the morning, one manages to spend over two hours at the clinic? Waiting most of the time. I suppose all the lab work takes time, but I just had to get my rant in. Thank goodness it's only once a year! Plus I have an awesome family doc :)

So any big plans for the weekend? I am off to Stratford, a gorgeous town about two hours from Toronto that is famous for its theatre productions. Especially its Shakespearean ones. It just so happens my lil sis Pat will be there with her host mom and sis seeing shows, and so my big brother G and I decided to take a trip to meet up with them and see Macbeth!

I remember reading Macbeth in tenth grade, it suddenly seems so long ago.. Should be fun, my friends Aaron and Ana are coming too... Good times!

If I didn't have plans already, I'd totally be checking out this party... How can one go wrong at a Clothing Swap Party? Especially as the weather gets colder and that old sweater that's still great but just doesn't fit you right any more could score you a new-to-you sweater?

Save money and get new wardrobe... Better than a sample sale... The only cost is the entrance fee. I just don't see why they're charging women more... Hardly seems fair... But supposedly there are snacks, so hopefully that's included in the price!

Plus there will be a seamstress there to help you with any alterations you need. The seamstress happens to be a friend, AnotherWordforPink fashion designer Breeyn McCarney.

Speaking of AnotherWordforPink... Want a chance to win one of their dresses? In fact the one above to be exact? Visit here, Erin will be posting this Friday's Giveaway alert soon.

The awesome thing about AnotherWordforPink other than the talented designer being a friend of mine? Their effort to be green...

"We make everything locally and ethically, and as environmentally-minded as possible. We aren’t perfect - we do our best to keep our price points low enough that you can afford our fabulous services - but it gets easier all the time as more and more stores and companies get on the green band-wagon. You can rest assured that whenever the option to make an environmentally healthy choice is before us, we will take it. Our goal is to become 100% sustainable and zero impact. Our designer is obsessed with caring for the Earth."

So check out the Clothing Swap Party if you're in Toronto tomorrow. Visit for a chance to win the gorgeous dress above. I certainly will be entering... Besides I need something gorgeous and green to wear to the upcoming 30th Anniversary Flare Gala! Oh and be sure to check out --each week a limited edition dress is posted, and "all dresses are made to order, just for you, to your specific measurements."

Have a wonderful weekend!


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D'angelo said...

The clothing swap sounds like it should have been thought of years ago. :) just like book swaps. :) and that dress is amazing, but what is more amazing is that your friend is actually trying to be zero impact & starting off the right foot...too cool! :)


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