Thursday, October 22, 2009

October Ecojot Treat Giveaway!

That's right it's time for a giveaway! Whenever I see ecojot rough stripes or bumps patterns I think of candy. And being that Halloween is coming up, and Halloween is a lot about candy... I was thinking, I don't believe I've done a giveaway yet asking what your favourite ecojot designs/patterns are.

So... Trick or treat? Which ecojot is your sweet?

Okay, not my best rhyme. However, I honestly can't pick... But if you absolutely had to what ecojot would you pick? Visit the styles section at and tell me as a comment. An extra entry to those who include in a separate comment how you intend to be eco-savvy this Halloween.

Giveaway will run until Halloween. Winners to be announced Monday, November 2nd. My apologies contest only open to residents of Canada and the US. Please remember to include a way for me to contact you ;)

Good luck!


PS - What's the prize? That's a surprise! In the spirit of Halloween, winner will receive a special mystery ecojot prize to be revealed on November 2nd!


Anonymous said...

I love a surprise! I think the ecoKids sketchbooks are adorable, if I had to pick one I would go with the Whales because my son loves any type of sea life!

Anonymous said...

As for our eco-savvy Halloween, our youngest will be wearing the same costume worned by each of his brothers in years past (nothing more eco-friendly then using something for as long as possible!). I refuse to spend big bucks on costumes for my kids, so I make what they want to be out of clothes and shoes they can continue to wear after Halloween. For example, my oldest is going to be Darth Vader and will be using his black pants and winter boots as part of his outfit.

jb said...

My very favorites are the flowerpatch mug design on the notebooks and the line drawings of the art supplies on the ecoStudio sketchbooks. So lovely!

jb said...

Oh, and we will be eco-friendly this Halloween by putting together our costumes from thrift stores as we always do. It's cheaper, more fun, and better for the planet!

Catalina Gonzalez said...

I love the bumps. They are so much fun and colourful. This halloween I plan to use organic candy with no artificial colouring or flavour, made out of agave nectar and rice sugar and vegan chocolates.


KJB said...

I like the utility of the agenda's, but I have to say that my favourite would be the journals, and that I find the hedgehog design to be utterly charming.

Natural 100 Girl said...

I love, love, love the prairie design because it has butterflies! I love the all the colrful designs but if I HAD to pick just one...the prairie takes the cake! Maybe that's because I grew up in Iowa?

Natural 100 Girl said...

AND....for my eco-friendly Halloween I plan to wear a costume made from clothing and accessories I already have PLUS I am handing out organic lollipops and I will be at my sister's house so none of my lights will be on (saving on that energy)!

D'angelo said...

Wow, it seems every time i look at the ecojot catalogue, new things are added...I must say I think the eco scrapbook is a great addition to ecojot-it literally stems off in a new direction a shown by the photo of leaves and stems and flowers on the side! The plain cover, cardboard coloured cover allows for personalization. I also love the ecojotters so much! (haha, now you have to share a name with them!)
For halloween, I never buy a costume...Last year I wore a paper hat and carried a textbook to be "nerd". This year I'm hoping to make something with candy wrappers...bracelets? :)beads?

Anonymous said...

My favourite is Cat. My one year old has recently discovered that she loves cats, she calls them (and all other animals) "ditties". The cat design makes me smile and think of her. This year for Halloween she will be a ladybug but I'm sure when she looks in the mirror she will say "ditty".

I'm being eco-savvy this year by making our Halloween decorations out of found craft materials with the children I look after.

Anonymous said...

You know I love them all...but the Prairie designs are the awesome! I always make costumes for my boys for Halloween, most of their costumes are either recycled from last years costume or repurposed clothes! Yay! Eco friendly and easy for me!

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

wow its so hard to decide!!! i love them all! but i do love the planners alot, and i wish i had one!
thanks for the chance

Megan :)

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

for halloween i will be purchasing my costume at value village, so second hand!


Chocolate Shavings said...

I love the Colors Eco Workbooks - but I love them all! I also really like the note books for kids, I would totally use those!

I usually make costumes with things that I have at home... so it does't get any greener!

Laureen said...

I would pick the Flower Garden/Aqua. It's beautiful and my girls would love it!

lmarston AT yahoo DOT com

Laureen said...
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Laureen said...

I am being eco-savvy this Halloween by participating once again in Reverse-Trick-or-Treating (a program sponsored by Global Exchange which provides trick-or-treaters with Fair Trade chocolate to hand out in return when they go out trick-or-treating to spread the word about what Fair Trade chocolate is all about). We will continue to give out organic lollipops as usual and/or organic, Fair Trade chocolate and we will be reusing costumes from last year, though my little one's costume is a bit small, but she really wants to be a giraffe again. Next year, we will try to swap it with others on our local town forum for another costume that fits, for mutual benefit without creating new demand on our earth's precious resources. Thanks for this great giveaway! I cannot wait to try your products. :)

lmarston AT yahoo DOT com

favor diva said...

I like the prairie design.

favor diva said...

We are reusing costumes and adding a few touch ups with things around the house

jennifer57 said...

We are reusing the costumes from last year

jennifer57 said...

I like the dog ecoprints


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