Wednesday, June 3, 2009

58 amazing whirlwind hours in LA

In spite of the the un-welcomed fog, LA was indeed AMAZING!

I created this slideshow that I originally titled "58 amazing whirlwind hours in *glamorous* LA" but I wasn't allowed to use the song Glamorous by the Constance Billard A Capella Choir (that's right the Gossip Girl version not the Fergie version) due to copyright restrictions =( Booooo! Oh well, it was still a fabulously amazing weekend ; )

A special congratulatory shout-again to my cousin Giselle and the rest of VuQo team for hosting such a fantastic launch party!

I just realized that I have just admitted to being a Gossip Girl fan... What can I say?  It's a guilty pleasure 0;)  Out of curiosity, what are your tv guilty pleasures?  Care to share?

And before I sign off, just a quick friendly reminder about my Flickr Photo Contest going on until June 21st.  So far 18 members and 2 entries, keep 'em coming folks!  Remember you can win some green and spread green simply by taking a bunch of Ecojot-inspired photographs!

Full details and info, here:


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