Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Push, push, pushing, towards one's passions and dreams...

Good morning :)

Must keep this relatively short because I must run to my day job at the community college. Oh the joys of scheduling ones luvs (in my case for example, ecojotter blogging) with ones necessities (work that feels like work but pays the bills).

But it's all about drive, right...? Pushing towards one's passions and dreams through any means necessary.

That's why I think DesignerJots Carolyn Gavin is such an inspiration. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for nearly five years now. And while I have a Did you know... ecojot Designer Carolyn Gavin... card made up, I don't have time to post it this morning. However, I will share the tidbits on said card:

And I happen to bring all her wonderful accomplishments up because one of the first things I happened to do this morning was visit Carolyn's blog... Resulting in my excitement upon discovering Carolyn has designed a book cover!

From Ecojot covers to ├╝ber-cool packaging tape, gift-tags and matchbooks, scrapbooking materials, fabrics, and now book covers, it's all very very exciting! Her design success is so very well-deserved after so many years of just pushing pushing pushing to get more design recognition! Her growing success reminds me to just continue to push push push towards my own passions... Kudos Carolyn! Congrats on the book cover design... Keep up the amazing design work!

Finally, before I dash off to make it to my day job... I found it sort of auspicious that the very YouTube video I was going to share today was of the same subject of the book Delivering Hope, How to Make A Baby... (hehe, sort of...)

Gotta run.... Bon Mardi! Happy Tuesday! Here's to Pushing towards one's passions and dreams!


1 comment:

carolyn Gavin said...

thank you for all the wonderful compliments.
ps. please direct your readers to my June giveaway, ending Monday. To win pins and matching mini notebooks... they have to say where they have seen ecojot and why they love it!
thanx! xxx C


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