Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"How to draw a woman from the inside out."

Yes, you read the headline correctly... "How to draw a woman from the inside out. " I too had to do a double read when I found an email with the same subject title in my inbox a little while ago. However, when I noticed the sender was my Uncle M, I just knew it would be great forward of some kind! As I may have mentioned previous... I usually detest forwards, but my Uncle M always sends the best ones a.k.a. never-chain-letter like ;D Thanks Uncle M!

I wish I could embed the video itself somehow, but I guess since it's a Flash video, the best I can do is provide a preview and attach the link. So click on the image above and hit play... I recommend watching at times 16 speed!

What's the best forward you've ever received via email? While "How to draw a woman from the inside out" isn't necessarily the best, it's among my top faves... I only wish I could provide more info on the source, but alas I couldn't find any...

Bon Mardi / Troisième Jour d'été ! Happy Tuesday / 3rd official day of Summer!



Sabina Stirb said...

Really catching. Always ask myself what's like to be in the skin of a person who can draw like this, and transforms life in paper memories. I will think about a best forward and send it to you. For the moment I hope tomorrow I can learn to do origami :) Late Happy birthday but my best wishes to you!

ecojotter said...

Glad you enjoyed the sketching, Sabina :) I look forward to receiving your best forward... Meantime, thanks for the birthday wishes. Here's hoping you had a lovely recent birthday too! xo, ej


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