Monday, June 29, 2009

The Reverse Graffiti

Just absolutely ecoBeautiful.

My roomie and I always do our best to use eco-friendly cleaning products, but this brings ecoCleaning to whole other ecoBeautifully thought level...

A special thanks to my brother G for passing along to me :) And kudos to GreenWorks for powering. More corporation should support such ecoCool initiatives!

Should I come across another equally ecoCool thing to blog about, I shall try and squeeze another post in tomorrow before I'm off to Gatineau, Quebec region to spend quality time with family, friends 'n Mama Nature =)

However just in case I don't blog till I get back... Advanced Happy Canada Day to all... Canadian and Non-Canadian ;) And Advanced Happy 4th of July to all... Americans and Non-Americans ;)


PS - Don't forget my Ecojot Button Contest will run till I return from cottaging. I'll be picking 7 lucky winners on Monday, July 6th!

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