Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Over 6000 post-its equals one VERY COOL stop-motion video

A promise is a promise, and while it isn't exactly ecoCOOL, this is still VERY COOL...

Check out what over 3 months of planning plus 4 months of shooting of stop-motion photography plus 6000 post-its plus and a whole lot creativity and imagination equals.

Très cool, huh? I most definitely can relate to all of the above during a deadline... Hehe 0;) The making is just as worth checking out...

Here's just hoping that they were sure to recycle all 6000+ post-its!

While I do use post-its from time to time myself, I try to use scrap-paper first and foremost... In fact, for this post I decided to do a bit of research and unfortunately unlike always-100%-recycled Ecojot paper goods, 3M post-it products are not a recycled, in fact their recycled line is only 30% recycled =(

Hopefully one day 3M will go completely green, and go 100% recycled with all their paper products! After all, who isn't fond of colourful post-its? One can always hope, right?

In the meantime, there'll always be scrap-paper, a bit of tape and/or bulletin boards... And of course ECOJOT ;D

Once again... Happy Canada Day and Happy Upcoming 4th of July too!

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the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

isn't that stop motion video awesome!!!!
LOVe it
kinda inspires me to cover a wall in my room with sticky notes! lol
thanks for sharing!
Happy Canada day to you too!
Megan P

ecojotter said...

Happy to hear you enjoyed it, Megan! And again a very Happy Canada Day to you too :) Till next week... Take care. Xo, ej.

D'angelo said...

Wow...that was like a movie!
I'm sad to hear that recycled can mean only 30% recycled...how much work goes into making something 100% recycled?
There's a cool new book...The Green Teen by Jenn Savedge.

ecojotter said...

Glad you enjoyed it D'angelo! I don't know how many times I've watched it now 0;)

Re: 100% recycled, Ecojot's paper is 100% post-consumer recycled paper which means no new trees are cut to make our paper ;D Cascades our paper supplier has a great website worth checking out: http://www.environmentalbychoice.com/

It's not actually about the work but the environmental savings that go in to using recycled paper... In fact, for every ton of 100% recycled paper compared to its virgin equivalent:

17 trees, 10,196 gallons of water, 2,098 lbs of air emissions and 1,081 lbs of solid waste are SAVED! how cool is that?

the green teen by jenn savedge.... will have to check it out. thanks for the recommendation :)



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