Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PS - From Evergreen to LA Palm Trees!

Catching up on sleep does make the world a better place ;) So without further ado... As promised my ecoCool shots from Evergreen Brickwork's 2009 Season Opening... As a slideshow! Click on the little "HQ" icon to view in even better quality ;)

Please note: I have a limited music collection. Not to mention that while I love music, I am terrible at remembering names of songs, bands, artists, etc... So if you think there's a song much more appropriate for this selection of pics let me know... I could always use music advice ;D


The Hollywood Sign 4
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Dave Gorman

PS - From Evergreen to LA Palm Trees!

Crazy thing happened a couple weeks ago... I booked a whirlwind weekend trip to LA! I fly out tomorrow and am back on Sunday. A tad insane to be sure, but long and short of it is...

My dear cousin Giselle invited me to an exclusive VuQo (first and only premium vodka distilled from coconuts) party launch in Hollywood. As luck would serendipitously have it I happened to have Aeroplan miles that were otherwise going to expire. Plus who says no to an exclusive Hollywood party launching a premium vodka at CBS Studies being organized by family? ;)

Will try to squeeze in a post while I'm there... I've been to Cali loads of times, but never LA! It's just over 2 full days, but I'm an experienced whirlwind traveller... I'll make it work 0;D Just in case I don't make it online till Monday... Bon Weekend, can't wait to tell you all about the party when I'm back!


carolyn Gavin said...

brilliant slide show... lOVE the music. have a great trip! xxxC

ecojotter said...

thanks carolyn :)


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