Friday, May 8, 2009

Laugh often and love much...

Last night I was getting ready for bed, when I began to already feel pre-restless :( So I took out my sketchbook.... This is what I found myself writing late last night after a bit of trying, long week...

Years ago, I used to collect quotes.  I guess I still do today... Just not as diligently ;)  I couldn't remember the entire Emerson quote so I found myself googling random words I could remember from the awe-inspiring quote... "laugh, love, respect, garden, breathe, have succeeded."  Lol.  Yeah, in that order!  Thankfully a webpage with full quote came up.

Just some food for thought as the week wraps up and weekend begins...

Happy Friday!  And Happy Almost-the-Weekend Day!

Here's looking forward to a little less trying and a lot more blogging new week ;D



PS - Candied Fabrics thank you so much for the recommendation!  I noticed at the end of the trailer that the movie was in fact based on Julie's book.  I will have to find it in the library!


Kim said...

Hi, I just got your greenhouse designer mat pad today at Michael's and I love your designs! Will you be doing fabric? You NEED to do fabric!

Candied Fabrics said...

You're welcome!


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