Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Giveaway Conundrum... Solved?

Okay, perhaps it isn't a conundrum per se... I just happen to think "conundrum" is an under-utlilized fun-sounding word ;D

So what semi "confusing and difficult problem or question" am I referring to? That would be my two unclaimed prizes from January and April :(

Monday evening I picked out a new January winner... ~jackie~ Unfortunately like my April winner mickey53, ~jackie~ had no contact info included with her entry. Which also unfortunately means they both likely haven't been back here since their original entry posts :,(

While i suppose I shouldn't give myself too hard a time... I have after all had three very successful giveaways, ie., managed to successfully connect December, February and March prizes with their winners! That is a 60% success rate! However truth is I'd much prefer it be 100% than prizes continually going unclaimed.

The new plan? From now on, to encourage and persuade you all to remember to include contact info, I will simply continue picking entries out of the hat until I pull one out that I can actually contact that same day!

Therefore I'm doing a final last call out to winners mickey53 and ~jackie~. Please please, please, if you are reading this, or are someone who knows mickey53 and ~jackie~ contact me by end of day Friday... Otherwise I will pick out two new winners this weekend! And as I said, I won't stop pulling lucky numbers out of my straw hat until I've picked out a winner I can actually contact ;D

That's it for now. Please excuse today's semi-unexciting but necessary post... On a light, fun, foodie thought... Have you heard about the new Meryl Streep and Amy Adams Movie "Julie & Julia" in theatres August 7th. I came across the trailer yesterday when I was perusing Apple's trailer page (a favourite time-wasting guilty pleasure), but managed to find it on YouTube for you to check out below...

I gotta say, as someone officially obsessed with great food, I can't wait to see this film! In fact,I  once started a meet-up group called FOLers, for fellow Food-Obssessed-Lovers to do a culinary tour of Toronto's most delectable restaurants... Something I may have to consider resurrecting or at the very least turning into a cooking meet-up group!

So yeah, being green and eating well... I suppose that's me in a nut-shell ;D  What movies can't you wait to see this summer?

Bon Mercredi ! Happy Wednesday !


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Candied Fabrics said...

I too can't wait for this movie! I picked the book up and put it down without buying it several times in the past year or so - but then my sister in law gave it to me for Christmas and it was a very engaging read. I saw the trailer the other day and hubby and I both thought that Meryl nailed Julia right on the head - but of course, it's Meryl Streep!

Anyway, worth the read if you haven't read it!


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