Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Sometimes the simplest idea can make the biggest difference."

We have all likely heard of the movie, book and/or concept "PAY IT FORWARD."

As the movie poster says, "Sometimes the simplest idea can make the biggest difference."

This afternoon, I unexpectedly sparked a series of forward payments which happen to not only be thoughtful and inspiring but in many ways green as well!

I recently enrolled in a continuing-education course for a French Proficiency Certificate at a local community college, where I happen to work part-time.

Having been back from living in France as an au pair for nearly as long as I was away, I was thrilled to be enrolled in French classes again to finally complete my goal of becoming officially bilingual!

The unexpected hurdle? The très cher (very expensive) required textbook.

At my current financial sitch, I hadn't budgeted 200 bucks for the textbook. With no used-books available. I didn't know what else to do but borrow the money...

But then a resourceful suggestion from a friend and fellow-college advisor...

Tracy suggested I check and see if there is a copy at the library on reserve. This resulted in my contacting the language con-ed coordinator, a lovely woman by the name of Helen because the library didn't have one.

Not only did Helen end up giving me an old spare textbook she happened to have, she even found a copy of a-near-empty exercise book that was otherwise just sitting in the lost-and-found for me too!

The best part is my $200 textbook saga did not end there... My contacting Helen to let her know the library didn't have a reserved copy, inspired her to give one of her other spare sets to the library! She had no idea until I'd called. In turn, I promised to pass along my set to a new student when I am done!

How's that for a series of awesome paying it forward?

Saved green I really didn't have, all thanks to a woman with a big heart who didn't just help me over my hurdle, but went one step further and donated a second set to the library... All thereby indirectly being green too!  After all, you can't get more eco-friendly than sharing and making use of library resources ;)

Have any great karma pay-it-forward stories? Please share.

Happy Wednesday! Bon Mercredi! 
Now off to do my homework before class tonight...


PS-- Was just about to publish post, when I came across the following video from HappySlip... Talk about happenstance!


gagner de l argent said...

"Pay it forward" -- watching this movie made me cry a lot. Just hearing the theme song "What's Forever For" also made me think a lto about love, about people and the interaction between each other. Doing simple things to someone, even though its just a simple act can bring out the biggest impact to the person.

ecojotter said...

@gagner de l argent: agreed :)


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