Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introducing my May Flickr Contest...

So it's official... And if you watched my vlog from yesterday, you'll know to which I'm referring...

I've created a Flickr group, and here's what the description says...

" Hello World. Welcome.

This group is for fellow Ecojot (ecojot.com) Fans.

As the first mandate for this newly founded group, I, Ecojotter (ecojotter.com) am pleased to announce my first (hopefully annual) Ecojotter Flickr Contest.

What do you have to do? Simply take a photograph displaying your favourite Ecojot... Be it a jumbo journal, notebook, workbook, ecoAgenda, ecoCalendar, ecoFolder, sketchbook... you name it and incorporate it into your shot somehow. That's it ;) [See sample shot above!] Oh and of course include it in the Flickr group's pool :D

First prize winner to be picked by the Ecojot Team wins $75 for him/herself PLUS $75 for the Green Cause of his/her choice! How ecoCOOL is that?

So take a picture and make some green while spreading some green!

Second prize winner, who receives the most votes via comments and faves, will receive a special Ecojot prize pack valued at over $50.

How's that for ecoAWESOME? So what are you waiting for...? Sign on or join Flickr and join my group and post pics to your hearts content. You are welcome to upload as many entries as you like!


PS - My May Ecojotter Flickr Contest to run until the first day of summer (my birthday!) June 21st, 2009! Happy Flickring! "

1 comment:

windy angels said...

Sounds exciting. I'll see what I can do.


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