Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PS - From Evergreen to LA Palm Trees!

Catching up on sleep does make the world a better place ;) So without further ado... As promised my ecoCool shots from Evergreen Brickwork's 2009 Season Opening... As a slideshow! Click on the little "HQ" icon to view in even better quality ;)

Please note: I have a limited music collection. Not to mention that while I love music, I am terrible at remembering names of songs, bands, artists, etc... So if you think there's a song much more appropriate for this selection of pics let me know... I could always use music advice ;D


The Hollywood Sign 4
Originally uploaded by
Dave Gorman

PS - From Evergreen to LA Palm Trees!

Crazy thing happened a couple weeks ago... I booked a whirlwind weekend trip to LA! I fly out tomorrow and am back on Sunday. A tad insane to be sure, but long and short of it is...

My dear cousin Giselle invited me to an exclusive VuQo (first and only premium vodka distilled from coconuts) party launch in Hollywood. As luck would serendipitously have it I happened to have Aeroplan miles that were otherwise going to expire. Plus who says no to an exclusive Hollywood party launching a premium vodka at CBS Studies being organized by family? ;)

Will try to squeeze in a post while I'm there... I've been to Cali loads of times, but never LA! It's just over 2 full days, but I'm an experienced whirlwind traveller... I'll make it work 0;D Just in case I don't make it online till Monday... Bon Weekend, can't wait to tell you all about the party when I'm back!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh joyful, beautiful sleep!

fast asleep 2
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Ever feel like you've got so much to do and not enough hours in the day to complete it all...? Racing just the same to get it all done, only for it to catch up behind you...?

Yeah, I am beat to say the least... It's been an over-packed month of commitments and never-ending to-do lists that has flown by in the wink of an eye.

Yet thankfully in the midst of my mini-melt down this evening of the harsh reality that I need to perhaps bite less and chew more... I have my big brother G2 and his roommate, our good friend Tracy, to remind me to just go home and go to bed.

Sleep often is the best and only medicine.

Be back to blog on Wednesday with my ecoCool shots from Evergreen Brickwork's Saturday season opening.

Sweet dreams.


Friday, May 22, 2009

"Say Cheese!" Oh and come out to Evergreen Brickworks this weekend too!

For full details on my May Flickr Contest, Evergreen or Doors Open Toronto visit:

Ecojotter's Flickr Photo Corner:
Evergreen Brickworks:
Doors Open Toronto:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Sometimes the simplest idea can make the biggest difference."

We have all likely heard of the movie, book and/or concept "PAY IT FORWARD."

As the movie poster says, "Sometimes the simplest idea can make the biggest difference."

This afternoon, I unexpectedly sparked a series of forward payments which happen to not only be thoughtful and inspiring but in many ways green as well!

I recently enrolled in a continuing-education course for a French Proficiency Certificate at a local community college, where I happen to work part-time.

Having been back from living in France as an au pair for nearly as long as I was away, I was thrilled to be enrolled in French classes again to finally complete my goal of becoming officially bilingual!

The unexpected hurdle? The très cher (very expensive) required textbook.

At my current financial sitch, I hadn't budgeted 200 bucks for the textbook. With no used-books available. I didn't know what else to do but borrow the money...

But then a resourceful suggestion from a friend and fellow-college advisor...

Tracy suggested I check and see if there is a copy at the library on reserve. This resulted in my contacting the language con-ed coordinator, a lovely woman by the name of Helen because the library didn't have one.

Not only did Helen end up giving me an old spare textbook she happened to have, she even found a copy of a-near-empty exercise book that was otherwise just sitting in the lost-and-found for me too!

The best part is my $200 textbook saga did not end there... My contacting Helen to let her know the library didn't have a reserved copy, inspired her to give one of her other spare sets to the library! She had no idea until I'd called. In turn, I promised to pass along my set to a new student when I am done!

How's that for a series of awesome paying it forward?

Saved green I really didn't have, all thanks to a woman with a big heart who didn't just help me over my hurdle, but went one step further and donated a second set to the library... All thereby indirectly being green too!  After all, you can't get more eco-friendly than sharing and making use of library resources ;)

Have any great karma pay-it-forward stories? Please share.

Happy Wednesday! Bon Mercredi! 
Now off to do my homework before class tonight...


PS-- Was just about to publish post, when I came across the following video from HappySlip... Talk about happenstance!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Morning Sunshines! "Try to do!"

Good Morning Sunshines! Yup, plural, as I am hopeful, plural are coming across my blog this morning 0;)

Excitedly woke up in time to blog this morning. Can you tell I'm really trying to get back in to a morning routine? This time one that sticks! One can dream right? Hehe!

The thing is, sometimes, I have so many exciting things to say and share that I can hardly contain my excitement to start typing. Yes, I kid you not, it's just one of the many dorky traits that make me... me! Other times, well, I guess I'm still finding my blogging-rhythm ;D

Thankfully today, while it's not lots to say, it's one super cute thing to share. And it was even more auspiciously apropos when a squirrel bounced about climbing on the railing of my patio/fire escape right in front of my office window as I started typing this... Watch the video below to see why...

I came across this video on none other than Facebook... Gotta love the randomness of noticing someone posting something on someone else's wall. Props to my brother for originally posting this on a mutual friend's wall!

Bon Mardi! Happy Tuesday!


PS - What did you think of my lil slideshow (from yesterday)? Am dying to know what sets you on fire... Please say and share ;D

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm ECOpassionate... How about you?

On this brisk but very lovely sunny Victoria Day (it's a long weekend here in Canada!)  I ended up being inspired by my recent official Flickr Contest announcement and did a little photo slideshow... 

** Better to click twice on the video (to go directly to the YouTube link) or here to watch the full wide-screen version... Otherwise, it just comes out all cropped funny =/ **

Took a little longer to edit than I thought it would (hence the late afternoon post!)   I guess it's been a while since I was studying film production at Uni 0;)  Hopefully it inspires you to join my Ecojotter Flickr Group and take part in my special May Contest!

Happy Victoria Day!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introducing my May Flickr Contest...

So it's official... And if you watched my vlog from yesterday, you'll know to which I'm referring...

I've created a Flickr group, and here's what the description says...

" Hello World. Welcome.

This group is for fellow Ecojot ( Fans.

As the first mandate for this newly founded group, I, Ecojotter ( am pleased to announce my first (hopefully annual) Ecojotter Flickr Contest.

What do you have to do? Simply take a photograph displaying your favourite Ecojot... Be it a jumbo journal, notebook, workbook, ecoAgenda, ecoCalendar, ecoFolder, sketchbook... you name it and incorporate it into your shot somehow. That's it ;) [See sample shot above!] Oh and of course include it in the Flickr group's pool :D

First prize winner to be picked by the Ecojot Team wins $75 for him/herself PLUS $75 for the Green Cause of his/her choice! How ecoCOOL is that?

So take a picture and make some green while spreading some green!

Second prize winner, who receives the most votes via comments and faves, will receive a special Ecojot prize pack valued at over $50.

How's that for ecoAWESOME? So what are you waiting for...? Sign on or join Flickr and join my group and post pics to your hearts content. You are welcome to upload as many entries as you like!


PS - My May Ecojotter Flickr Contest to run until the first day of summer (my birthday!) June 21st, 2009! Happy Flickring! "

Monday, May 11, 2009

2 winners I can ACTUALLY contact, plus my May Giveaway... VLOGGING SUCCESS!!!

I actually have two giveaway winners I'm able to contact from my Earth Day Special Rolling Giveaway and my now 5-month old January Giveaway... FINALLY! Vlogging success! 

Could one of the winners be YOU? Watch to find out!


PS - As always, thanks for stopping by and watching. Full details of the Flickr Giveaway to be posted tonight (Monday night, May 11th) to be posted here on my blog.

Lil Chirping Birdies: Belated Happy Mother's Day!

You know it's way past your bedtime, when... While it's still dark outside, the birds are beginning to chirp. That's right, I unexpectedly have found myself pulling an all-nighter. Although I suppose "all-nighter" implies no sleep for a full 24 hours, and I fully intend to sleep now...

Just wanted to wish all mothers out there a belated Happy Mother's Day! I hope you felt and had a fabulous one!

Thankfully tomorrow's my freelance day and seeing as I was inspired to freelance into the wee hours of the morning, I shall sleep in and continue when I wake.

I'll be back in a few hours to pick out those new prize winners I promised. Plus announce my May Giveaway!

Happy Monday Early Morn!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Laugh often and love much...

Last night I was getting ready for bed, when I began to already feel pre-restless :( So I took out my sketchbook.... This is what I found myself writing late last night after a bit of trying, long week...

Years ago, I used to collect quotes.  I guess I still do today... Just not as diligently ;)  I couldn't remember the entire Emerson quote so I found myself googling random words I could remember from the awe-inspiring quote... "laugh, love, respect, garden, breathe, have succeeded."  Lol.  Yeah, in that order!  Thankfully a webpage with full quote came up.

Just some food for thought as the week wraps up and weekend begins...

Happy Friday!  And Happy Almost-the-Weekend Day!

Here's looking forward to a little less trying and a lot more blogging new week ;D



PS - Candied Fabrics thank you so much for the recommendation!  I noticed at the end of the trailer that the movie was in fact based on Julie's book.  I will have to find it in the library!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Giveaway Conundrum... Solved?

Okay, perhaps it isn't a conundrum per se... I just happen to think "conundrum" is an under-utlilized fun-sounding word ;D

So what semi "confusing and difficult problem or question" am I referring to? That would be my two unclaimed prizes from January and April :(

Monday evening I picked out a new January winner... ~jackie~ Unfortunately like my April winner mickey53, ~jackie~ had no contact info included with her entry. Which also unfortunately means they both likely haven't been back here since their original entry posts :,(

While i suppose I shouldn't give myself too hard a time... I have after all had three very successful giveaways, ie., managed to successfully connect December, February and March prizes with their winners! That is a 60% success rate! However truth is I'd much prefer it be 100% than prizes continually going unclaimed.

The new plan? From now on, to encourage and persuade you all to remember to include contact info, I will simply continue picking entries out of the hat until I pull one out that I can actually contact that same day!

Therefore I'm doing a final last call out to winners mickey53 and ~jackie~. Please please, please, if you are reading this, or are someone who knows mickey53 and ~jackie~ contact me by end of day Friday... Otherwise I will pick out two new winners this weekend! And as I said, I won't stop pulling lucky numbers out of my straw hat until I've picked out a winner I can actually contact ;D

That's it for now. Please excuse today's semi-unexciting but necessary post... On a light, fun, foodie thought... Have you heard about the new Meryl Streep and Amy Adams Movie "Julie & Julia" in theatres August 7th. I came across the trailer yesterday when I was perusing Apple's trailer page (a favourite time-wasting guilty pleasure), but managed to find it on YouTube for you to check out below...

I gotta say, as someone officially obsessed with great food, I can't wait to see this film! In fact,I  once started a meet-up group called FOLers, for fellow Food-Obssessed-Lovers to do a culinary tour of Toronto's most delectable restaurants... Something I may have to consider resurrecting or at the very least turning into a cooking meet-up group!

So yeah, being green and eating well... I suppose that's me in a nut-shell ;D  What movies can't you wait to see this summer?

Bon Mercredi ! Happy Wednesday !


Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy May 4th :) Back in Toronto and vlogging again...

I'll be back blogging again tomorrow ;) 

I had a fabulous time in Chicago, but it's good to be back home in Toronto... Especially with gorgeous spring weather like this!

Thanks for watching ;)


Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 1st of May from Chicago!

Chicago L-Train
Originally uploaded by joeycerone
So as I suspected conferencing it up in Chicago from Tuesday to Thursday has kept me pretty occupied with little time to frequent Facebook, blog, tweet and the like. However, I have genuinely missed our ecoExchanges, ie... YOU!

My favourite thing about Chicago thus far? The L-Train! Actually the CTA to be more exact.

I honestly can't believe it's been six years since my last visit to the wonderful Windy City, and while I love love LOVE the architecture, the fabulous food (Chicago is most definitely a foodie city!), the energy, and of course the people... I am absolutely impressed with the city's public transportation!

From O'Hare Airport to downtown to north-east Chicago to downtown to Elmhurst and Arlington Heights, and so and so on... Kudos to Chicago for having reliable and efficient public transportation system.

I look forward to the day when I can say Toronto's TTC is at such calibre! For although there are exciting new streetcar announcements abound, Toronto's still got a while to go!

All right... So it's nearly noon here and since I've been busy conferencing away at the beautiful Chicago Cultural Centre, I haven't had a chance to do much wandering and exploring yet... Therefore, please forgive me for delaying picking a new ecoAgenda winner till I fly back to Toronto on Monday.

Yup, that's right, since January Giveaway Winner Lora never claimed her prize... I promise to pick a new winner from one my hats late Monday afternoon. Say 4ish?

Didn't participate in my Jan Giveaway? Or want to add another entry?

No problem! As an added bonus to you for reading today's post... Simply comment below with something that made you smile this week and I'll add that entry to the hat on Monday too for your chance to win an ecoAgenda!

My Renewed (Recycled?) January Giveaway Contest to run till Monday afternoon when I pick out a winner!

Can't wait to hear about the things (eco and non-eco) that made you smile this week!

Happy First Weekend of May, my dear ecoFriends! I'll be sure to blog more about my visit to Chicago next week with lots of pics!



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