Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Morning Sunshines! "Try to do!"

Good Morning Sunshines! Yup, plural, as I am hopeful, plural are coming across my blog this morning 0;)

Excitedly woke up in time to blog this morning. Can you tell I'm really trying to get back in to a morning routine? This time one that sticks! One can dream right? Hehe!

The thing is, sometimes, I have so many exciting things to say and share that I can hardly contain my excitement to start typing. Yes, I kid you not, it's just one of the many dorky traits that make me... me! Other times, well, I guess I'm still finding my blogging-rhythm ;D

Thankfully today, while it's not lots to say, it's one super cute thing to share. And it was even more auspiciously apropos when a squirrel bounced about climbing on the railing of my patio/fire escape right in front of my office window as I started typing this... Watch the video below to see why...

I came across this video on none other than Facebook... Gotta love the randomness of noticing someone posting something on someone else's wall. Props to my brother for originally posting this on a mutual friend's wall!

Bon Mardi! Happy Tuesday!


PS - What did you think of my lil slideshow (from yesterday)? Am dying to know what sets you on fire... Please say and share ;D


rhaya said...

That video is just TOO adorable. I couldn't stop smiling while I was watching it!

ecojotter said...

YAY! Ditto :) Too adorable indeed! Happy to hear it made you smile, rhaya :)


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